Hi, my name is  Silvia, I am an Italian teacher specialized in teaching foreigners.

I was born in Milan where I concluded  my high school studies.  After staying in Berlin for a period of around two years I returned to Italy where in 1996 I graduated with a degree in Modern Foreign languages and literature. In 2008 I obtained the Masters diploma DITALS (Didactic Italian as a Foreigner Language) and the DITALS Certification at the I e II levels .

My passion for teaching Italian started when I was in Berlin attending a German language course. I was 19 years old and dreamed of being able to do in Italian what the German teacher proposed to us in class.

My first teaching experience dates back to my Berlin experience, assisting the teachers during the Italian lessons. The experience  continued with a few interruptions during my years at university until it became my main profession in 2000.

For 8 years I collaborated with the Babele association for the planning and coordination of action on behalf of foreign families present in the territory of Pavia. I actually activated courses and taught Italian at L2 to adults, children and adolescents and was responsible for the linguistic-cultural mediation within the school;

I was teacher – tutor for online Italian courses  –standard italian and italian bank employees – at  the University for foreigners in Siena and I collaborated with other bodies including Enaip Lombardy,  Ass. Sarepta, AgenforConsorzio scuole e lavoro in Lombardy etc. always as a L2/LS Italian teacher.

In the same period I followed a dream which concluded in 2012: Cascina Belcredi, is a place where tourism, culture and teaching meet. Alongside managing a bed & breakfast activity at Cascina Belcredi we have organized ceramic courses, Italian language courses for tourists and professionals and creative laboratories for children .

Teaching for me is something absolutely creative and dynamic in continuous evolution.

The desire to experiment, starting from solid theoretic – practical knowledge  is the  driving force behind the design of my courses. Every apprentice, every course, is something new, a new  relationship which I address carefully and with curiosity.

I love teaching Italian because…

  • I come in contact with people of different languages and cultures which allows me to symbolically travel to countries near and far;
  •  every time  is a new stimulus, a new challenge to face;
  • I feel that it satisfies the need for creativity in my work