Business italian In-company

The italian for business language courses are aimed at professional people and companies needing a specific linguistic training for the world of work.

The main objective is to develop adequate communicative skills to deal with professional situations  such as: sending  e-mails, conducting negotiations, communicating  while on Business trips, participating in meetings etc.

The courses can be  individual or in a group (maximum 8-10 participants) and can be combined by request with Skype  lessons.

Are you a company or business?

If the course comes from by request of the company a first meeting is foreseen with the a company manager to define the objectives. Prior to starting the course an entrance test is proposed to define the participant’s level and work out the best training course. The company manager will be  constantly updated on how the course is going.

Are you a professional?

If the request comes by an individual professional, the training course would be defined focusing on the persons own linguistic-communicative needs.